Selling your business

A business that is ready for sale is a joy to run. Making your business “Sale Ready” doesn’t mean you are going to sell the business, but it does mean you have increased the businesses value and gained more time for life and family. And when it is time to sell the hard work has already been completed.

Being ready for sale means you have addressed the following types of issues:

  • Your business partner wants out.
  • You get a divorce.
  • You are “hit by a bus”.
  • Would your business survive in these circumstances?
  • Will the banks retain your current loans if a key partner is gone?
  • How would your customers react?
  • Are your insurances adequate?
  • Does a family member want to take over?
  • Are you willing to let go and share some of the secrets?
  • Contracts are in place and business records are current.