Have you had an IRD surprise?

Can't sleep at night?

Got behind in your tax payments or filing?

Current payments only covering penalties and interest?

Don't worry this is more common than you think. There is no shame in asking for help, especially from people who are used to dealing with this problem.

Whether you have overdue Income Tax, overdue PAYE, overdue GST or overdue ANYTHING, problems that are left generally compound.

At Management Accountants we:

  • Take the stress out of dealing with the IRD for you.
  • Use our knowledge of tax laws and IRD procedures to handle negotiations with IRD on your behalf.
  • File outstanding tax returns to avoid further penalties.
  • Provide tax debt solutions.
  • Put in place a payment arrangement based on your income.
  • Tax relief in the case of financial hardship, or circumstances beyond your control, such as natural disaster.