" We love to give back to our community, by doing what we do best? Providing pro bono and discounted accounting support, to many charities and not-for-profits. "

Endeavour, your vocation matters

The origin of the word 'endeavour' means to 'do one's utmost'. But how do we do this & where do we begin?

Our passion at Endeavour Group is to help people get the important information, encouragement and wisdom they need to make real progress in their vocational journeys. We have a wealth of resources to share via training courses, workshops, mentoring, coaching and consultancy services. We want to see people equipped with the right knowledge and understanding; to be filled with hope; and to be better placed to achieve their potential.

Endeavour Group Charitable Trust established in 2013 is a not for profit entity and a registered charity which means that there are no shareholders receiving a dividend from any of our activities. All donations and any other income we receive is 100% used to further the charitable objectives of the trust.

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Catalyst Microfranchising

$2.3 trillion has been spent on global aid in the last 50 years, yet 2.4 billion people still live on less than $2.00 per day.

It's time for a different approach. At Catalyst Microfranchising we believe in challenging the status quo of unsustainable and ineffective development aid for the poor.

We design profitable businesses for the ultra-poor and we measure their cash profit and savings to ensure it works. Villagers' businesses form part of our locally managed, scalable, and financially sustainable farm-hubs.

Villagers can quadruple their net income and increase their savings by 46 times transforming into self-reliant people empowered to dream of a new future.

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